About me

A quiet evening at a tea estate.

Chilling out at the cricket grounds.

Taking a tea break from fiercely blogging away.

Mashuk Portrait
Mashuk R.

I will surely strive to bring you many useful blogs and content on health, wellness & fitness, which are easy to consume without any jargon words. Simplicity will always be at the heart of my penmanship.

Blog Posts

I try to post my blogs regularly, Yet sometimes I do get a bit overwhelmed. My style of writing is rather informal, but not lazy. I try to present my blogs to you as I would speak with you in person.

Mashuk Portrait

I am a passionate marketing professional with over 22+ years of experience across many sectors such as telecommunication, manufacturing, Internet-based services, etc.

Currently, I focus my efforts on online entrepreneurship and help others create sustainable incomes using the Internet.

I am happily married with 2 lovely daughters. I do love to travel and enjoy food from around the world (especially pizza 😉).

I enjoy a simple lifestyle with my family and friends. I enjoy blogging about my interests, which is evident in this site. Although I had wanted to get this site going from a while ago, I am glad I finally got around to it. I will strive to keep it going by adding fresh & useful content every week.

I hope to see you here often.

You can also see my online entrepreneurial site here and my online store here.